Let me surprise you
seduce you and be your

ongoing fantasy


Through my years as a companion I came to realisation that it is so much more enjoyable and rewarding to create a connection with my partners. The feeling of going on a date with a long-time lover is blissful as I know we will have a good time filled with sincere conversations, laughs and truthful passion. If you are the kind of man who wants to develop and nourish such a relationship you might be intrigued by an ongoing arrangement. This is an invite to my special lovers with whom a mutual chemistry has previously been created. I intend to show you my gratitude by offering you special packages that allows us to spend more time together at a preferential rate on a regular basis. For more information, kindly bring up the idea during our next precious moment together... xoxo


I take great pride in presenting myself in the best possible way for our encounter. These are the considerations demanded for my time, entertainment and companionship only. These rates are by no means negotiable; please be polite and do not try to bargain over them. I am available and delighted to meet for a longer engagement, simply ask for more information.

I require to be paid in US currency everywhere in the Americas (except for Canada where you can use the currency of your choosing between Canadian, US and Euro). Euro and British pound will be the only currencies accepted in Europe.

Kindly take note that I can receive you in my chic studio (near downtown Montreal area) any day of the week for your convenience. I can also meet you at the location of your preference on the Montreal Island and North/South shores.

a few hours

MTL / Toronto

a few hours

USA / Canada
Min 2H 1000 1H 700
3H 1400 2H 1300
4H 1650 3H 1800
6H 2200 4H 2000
8H 2800 6H 3000
12H 3800 8H 3500
12H 4000

a fewhours

MTL / Toronto
Min 2H 1000
3H 1400
4H 1650
6H 2200
8H 2800
12H 3800

a fewhours

USA / Canada
1H 700
2H 1300
3H 1800
4H 2000
6H 3000
8H 3500
12H 4000