pouty lips stunning 34FF enhanced tanned slender legs

Her name began as only a whisper. Now you may hear it along your travels; those who mention her name would have fond memories of her touch, scent, and smile. Her name is Monica.

Fantasies are often hard to describe, very unique, intriguing and secretive. Yet, in a remarkable manner she knows how to unveil and fulfil them all. She has a gift which makes her the Ultimate fantasy. Now seasoned in the Art of loving for over 7 years; she has become a master. She has the ability to find and use your weaknesses and desires in a wonderful way.

She is a muse. You can contemplate her for hours and still be moved by her beauty. You will find in her a great listener with a wide range of interests leading to captivating discussions. She loves psychology, reading, history and understanding human behavior; that field was subject of her collegial studies. Being a woman full of leadership, she is always looking out for new projects and ideas to concretise.

She is a bonne vivante. She enjoys gourmet experiences, tasting menus, operas, ballets, plays and other events. The idea is a balance between luxury and simplicity for a healthy and classy lifestyle. Her favorite rendez-vous involves a bit of all that. Use gallantry, be bold, seduce and tease her and you will win her heart.

Even though an image is worth a thousand words…

She is a Mediterranean beauty; A perfect elixir of Italian/Belgian and Arabic origins. She has pouty lips, mesmerizing hazel eyes and long, sexy chocolate hair. Dreamy curves and standing 5’7′′, 135lbs with a stunning 34FF enhanced for your pleasure. She has tanned slender legs, soft and silky skin, elegant size 8 feet and a silhouette that you will love having in your arms and at your table.

She is your companion for all occasions. Whether it’s for a casually charming dinner, a memorable evening, a dreamy weekend or a fancy week around the globe; when you wish to reward yourself, she is your Ultimate fantasy.

Her name is…
Monica Del Fiore xoxo

Narratively written by a secret admirer.

“I love
people who make me laugh”